A collaborative project between Matthew Lawler and Myself for the Art of This SUMMER open Residency program.

The work revolves around two diverse thematic ideas, education and video game culture. While exploring how these ideas play off of and into each other, two main works were created. A series of drawings by Matthew and a projection and controller installation by myself. Lawlers drawings explore anomalies in space and are presented in a way that breaks the human idea of perspective. My educational videogame interface, which is modeled on a classic school desk, allows users to navigate a three dimensional recreation of the gallery space in real time where virtual editions of Lawlers drawings stare there physical versions on the opposing wall. The virtual editions have the perspective that Matthew looks to break in his paintings corrected. This play allows for a duality of a virtual space and real space to exist simultaneously in two disparate but identical spaces. Doritos and Mountain Dew were served at the opening.