Ben Moren

Two projectors face each other and project on back to back screens. The installation consists of a looping super8 film of a YouTube video which is counting frames as they pass through the projector. The opposing projector allows users to interact and capture frames through a mounted camera and custom interface. The frames are played back in a realtime stop motion animation. The animation is projected via a small digital projector through the constant shuttering frame of a re-purposed super8mm projector, causing further disconnect in the frame consistency as the digital image is broken by the analogue projector. The animation capture mechanism is only capable of capturing an amount of frames equal to a single super8 cartridge, 3600 frames. Nearby viewers are invited to shoot super8mm film on a provided camera with a 50' piece of string attached to the camera lens (50 feet = 1 super8 cartridge = 3600 frames) This film is then immediately developed and projected live during the event. The film is replaced as needed.

3600 frames
performance, super8mm film processing, modified super8mm cameras, modified super8mm projector, custom electronics, super8mm film
dimensions variable, duration variable